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Old Town in Algiers

Algiers Monuments and Historic Buildings: Old Town

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Reviews Old Town

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Old Town

The Old town of Algiers is the district of the city which is typically surrounded by walls and comprises a maze of narrow streets.

It is believed that the Old town was built by the Arabs way back during the 9th century. The Old Town is also referred to as Medina.

The place is famous for its mosques, palaces and historical fountains.

The monuments in the Old Town in Algiers are known for their cultural significance and hence well-preserved. Due to the presence of narrow streets, the town is free from heavy traffic.

Visitors can also find numerous pre-historic wall paintings, stone valleys, red mountains and pinnacles. Travellers can also find old and crumbling houses and narrow corridors.

The Old town is still considered as a world heritage site because of its historical significance.

The town also contains the remnants of old mosques, a citadel and Ottoman-style palaces as well as the remains of a conventional urban composition connected with a deep-rooted wisdom of community.


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