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Culture and Geography

Quick facts and information about culture and geography of Algeria

Culture and Geography

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In 1830, Algeria was invaded by France; over the next century, Algeria was regarded as a French Republic. During this period, French influence on Algeria’s economy, culture and society was dominant. However, there was resentment among the indigenous population.  November 1954 marked the beginning of the Algerian War of Independence; the war ended in 1962 when France declared Algeria as an independent nation.

Apart from Algeria’s political history, which has considerably influenced its culture, its literature, music, arts and crafts and religion have also affected present-day culture and tradition to a certain extent. The influence of French colonialism is still predominant in many aspects. Handicrafts are an important part of Algerian culture. Algerians are adept in carpet weaving, ceramics, lute making, pottery and glass and silver production.

Most of Algeria is a high plateau; the remaining region comprises desert, mountains, and coastal plains. Algeria shares its borders with Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger and Tunisia as well as the Mediterranean Sea and the Western Sahara. The lowest point of the region is Chott Melrhir; the highest point, Tahat.

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