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Level 1
Overall rating: 6
Asmara is very clean and safe city. And they have wounderful and hard working people. In Asmara at night you can go by free with out any crimnal for every one as well as for women esp. It is safe and clean street. I love Asmara!I was vist in my life two cities but i didnt find like the same Asmara. And when you go in Sunday you wounderful clean friendely people with fresh nice weather. And you dont need transport .I feel proud that the way i was born in Asmara!
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Level 1
Overall rating: 7
Clean, safe city and friendly people. There are many Artdeco buldings to visit. An pleasant coffe ceremony. You will enjoy three seasons in two hours drive from Asmara to Massawa, the port city of Eritrea. Shopping is easy and cheap. And you can find anything on walking distance. You don't need to auch trnasportation.
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Level 1
Overall rating: 9
Asmara nice & very confortible to live in and has onesty & hard working people. It is very cheap to live comparing other cities of the worled with fresh and clean place. Asmara has good architectural desinged buildings.
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Level 1
Overall rating: 10
Great City, Worth Visiting. It's called 'The City Above the Clouds" or by the Italians as "Piccolo Roma." Very Condusive weather on average 20-25 degree celcius. Very Pleasant and humble people who welcome foriegners with smile. You can enjoy Machiato and Capuccino in the Italian styled cafes. more over, traditional coffee and the healthy and diverse food is one of the amazing things you will never forget.
Not to be missed:
National Cemetry
massawa(the beach)
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Level 11
Overall rating: 6
The Adi Raesi St. Micheal charge every day morning when people treated by natural waterfall. Where you see all religion believers share the treatment together. As well Sunday morning St. Marry church gathering at the heart of the city. If your vacation is on August do't Miss the Debre Bizen festival this is for male only.
Not to be missed:
Debre Bizen
massawa(the beach)
Kohaito historic place
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Level 100
Overall rating: 6
Asmara, Eritrea’s capital and largest city , sits atop (2,350 metrest) the Eritrean Highlands on the eastern edge of the escarpment and quite near the Red Sea port of Massawa.
The city was made Eritrea’s capital in preference to Massawa in 1897 by Governor Martini, when the country was still an Italian colony. .
Until the 1880s, when it became an Ethiopian regional administrative centre, Asmara was still a small village.
Today’s Asmara is a big and lively city with about 400.000 people living in it.
It is even one of the cleanest and safest cities in Africa!

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Level 18
Overall rating: 10
Asmara is the safest city ever. Theres an annual event in sawa that teaches you a lot. If you worried about the money dont because everthing there isnt every expensive. Everyone there is so nice to you even though they dont know you.if you dont have a place to stay in there are many nice hotels with beautiful views. You should also visit massawa and book a room near they beach and eat fish im serious you will LOVE it. This was a trip i will never forget.
Not to be missed:
massawa(the beach)
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Massawa(the beach)
Massawa, the beach
Debre Bizen
Kohaito historic place
National Cemetry

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