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Ivory Coast Vacations and Tourism Guide

Ivory Coast Tourism and Travel: online guide for vacations to Ivory Coast


Overall rating: 7

Surface:Côte d’Ivoire covers a total area of 322,460 sq km.

Population:  Côte d’Ivoire has an approximate population of around 17, 654,843.

System of government: Côte d’Ivoire is a republic.

Capital: Yamoussoukro, having a population of around 200,700, is the official capital of Côte d’Ivoire. Abidjan serves as the administrative centre.

Religion: Islam is followed by 40%25 of the population; 30%25 follow Christianity.

Official Language: French is the official language.

Government: Côte d’Ivoire is a republic.

Climate: Côte d’Ivoire has a tropical climate with four seasons in the coastal and central regions and two seasons in the northern savannah region.

Units of measure and electricity: Côte d’Ivoire follows the metric system of measurement while the official unit of electricity is 220 V and 50 Hz.

Time Zone: The standard time of Côte d’Ivoire is the same as GMT.

Currency: CFA Franc BCEAO (1 € = 655.95 CFA)

Travel documents required: All visitors require passport and a visa is necessary, except for nationals of USA and ECOWAS countries.

Haerv 8/15/2013 At 19:20
Abidjan 6
Abidjan offers a multifold moving possibilities; ever named Pearl of the Lagoons for its geographical beautiful location and the panorama, the city of eburnee is good at living for its places. Beach, Clubs and tourism happy people a peaceful place to visit to get appreciate the inner qualities of a region that is set to be a reference in this western side of Africa. Eburnee City Falls. In and Out of the City the site could be quoted among the post economic best pool of African urban integration.

Ossohou 9/7/2013 At 15:12
Yamoussoukro 10
I am sure that an around trip to Yamoussoukro, in the month of December will be a great idea from world tour Operators. What subsaharan Africa can offer in terms of religiosity potentials are tremendous, especially the Capital City of the Ivory Coast. Let us not para mounting diatribes and phrases, a trip to Yamoussoukro say it all as proud Ivorians would lovingly wish to any visitors to their dearest Land: "Akwaba", meaning welcome.

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 Flea and street markets (Yamoussoukro)
The Basilica our Lady of Peace. ..
 Landmarks and Historic sites (Yamoussoukro)
Sea shore
 Tours (Abidjan)
Abidjan by night
La statue Akwaba Port-Bouet
The Bouley Isle
The Palais de la Culture
Water falls and natural bridge in Man
Yamoussoukro basilica and artificial lac

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