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Casablanca in Nairobi

Nightlife in Nairobi: information about Casablanca

Info about Casablanca

Rating: 3.9 5
Rank: 21 About 63
Number of ratings: 1

Category: Nightlife
Address: Lenana Rd
Telephone: (020) 2723173

Casablanca is one of the best nightclubs with its Arabian style courtyards and interiors which resemble Bedouin tents. It has a nice restaurant and provides a relaxed ambience.

Reviews Casablanca

Reviewed by: NPL


Level 3

Beware thieves

I had a decent meal at Casablanca with some friends sitting in the courtyard. The food (which seems to come from the same kitchen as next door's restaurant Osteria) was very good, the wine was much less so, the environment was fine. What made it a really bad night was the fact that my bag was cut off my chair (I had it wrapped around the chair back in a way to stop it being snatched, but the thieves were well prepared professionals and they simply cut the bag straps without me or my two friends noticing despite it being a very quiet night). So far, so Nairobi. What was really disappointing was management's response: lots of hand wringing, lots of questions (many times the same questions- "your bag madam, was it small?"), lots of exclamations that this was the first time it had every happened there. But not the least token of hospitality to show a sense of responsibility or any remorse that this had happened on their premises. The full bill was presented to my table and when I pointed out to the manager that I was not in a position to pay my portion, my bag having just been stolen, his first question was "do you not have a card?" (yes- in my stolen bag...) and the second was "can your friends here not pay for you?" If it had been a really busy club night and I had left my bag unattended then I can readily understand management not taking any responsibility. This was a very quiet and chilly Wednesday evening so my friends and I were at one of only three occupied tables in the entire courtyard. I've had, or been with friends who have had, bags stolen before. The big difference in how the experience feels is in how the restaurant deals with the situation. If they (as was the case this evening) shrug their shoulders and say that it is impossible to reduce the bill even by a small amount, you are left feeling twice robbed. In cases that I have experienced where the management try to make amends, even through a token free round of drink or by deducting the victim's meal from the bill, it makes the experience a little less unpleasant. Unfortunately Casablance falls into the shoulder-shrugging category. Which makes you wonder why they chose to go into the hospitality industry. I won't be back.


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