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Liberia Vacations and Tourism Guide

Liberia Tourism and Travel: online guide for vacations to Liberia


Overall rating: 7

Surface:Liberia covers a total area of 97,754 sq km.

Population:  Liberia has an approximate population of 3,193,942, with indigenous Africans constituting 95%25 of the population.

System of government: Liberia is a republic.

Capital: With a population of around 550,200, Monrovia is the capital of Liberia.

Religion: Liberia is a Christian state with 40%25 of the country following Christianity. Islam (20%25) is practiced in the north.

Official Language: English is the official language in Liberia.

Government: Liberia is a republic.

Climate: Liberia has a hot equatorial climate.

Units of measure and electricity: Liberia follows the Imperial system of measurement while the official electricity unit is 120 V and 60 Hz.

Time Zone: The Liberian standard time is the same as GMT.

Currency: Liberian Dollar (1 € = 85.56 L$).

Travel documents required: All visitors should have a valid passport, and visas are required by all, except the nationals of ECOWAS countries, Israel and the Republic of Korea.

Mars Poka 4/30/2014 At 05:44
Monrovia 9
The best period to go Liberia is dry season, cause if u go raining season u will not enjoy your visit there, Dearing dry season the whole will be dry and enjoyable, And u will enjoy the way of life there,u will not like to go bark to your own country but if there is a raining season u will not like to stay there for one day or an hour, cause the place can be so bad.

URIAS T GARPEHN 5/31/2014 At 20:38
Monrovia 5
i feel that that best to feel good in Monrovia is by hard work, commitment, affirmative, respectfulness education and God fearing. And other people have difference behavior but feel that these are the best way to feel good and regenerate in Monrovia.

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