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Guide to the most important attractions in Libya


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Libya is a fascinating mix of history, culture and desert life.  Tripoli, the capital city is a showcase to the rest of the country. Interesting sights include the old walled city or the medina, Al Saray Al Hamra Castle, the many bazaars and souks as well as the museums and mosques.

The countries Islamic heritage can be seen at Sirt, Darnah and Ajdabiya, and a glimpse of local Libyan life can be observed in the desert cities of Ghadames, Ghat, Fezzan, Ojla, Zuwaylah and Jalu. Many of these places offer excellent desert safaris.

For lovers of history, Libya is home to the World Heritage Sites of Cyrene, Sabratah and Leptis Magna. Other sites of interest include Ataft, Libdah, Shah’hat, Sussa, Tukrah, Talmitha, Jebel Acacus and the Tadrart Mountains.

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