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Information for visitors

Since Marrakech is mainly a Muslim city, the visitors must abide by the general customs and traditions here. It is offensive for visitors to wear revealing clothes outdoors especially at places of worship.

Shorts and swimwear should be limited to the hotel premises itself. During Ramadan (the main holy festival), care needs to be taken to avoid smoking and drinking and eating outdoors in the daytime. Be aware of the shopkeepers that try to lure you to their shops, as they would do anything to sell something to you.

The Souks or shops are great here as they offer an array of fabrics, rugs, handicrafts, antiques, perfumes, spices, jewellery, ceramics and more. The ambience at the Jaad el Fna in the evening is wonderful with snake charmers, eateries, entertainment options and restaurants serving traditional and authentic food. Be careful about the hygiene standards as tourists with delicate digestive systems need to avoid raw food and dairy produce.


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