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Lighthouse in Swakopmund

Swakopmund Monuments and Historic Buildings: Lighthouse

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Since 1903 the Swakopmund Lighthouse stands proudly as a landmark of the tow and overlooks the coast.  It continues to be operational; it was built after the original lighthouse at the Mole was washed away during a storm.  The Lighthouse is located in the oasis on the edge of the desert, as a landmark it is closely linked to the founding of Swakopmund in 1892 approached from the coast by Captain Curt von Français, and in the August of 1892 from the crew of a gunboat named Hyane (German for Hyena) who erected two beacons on a large dune in the proximity of the spot where now stands the Lighthouse.

Today it's a navigation point for passing ships and holds colonial style colours and as Swakopmund is a sea side town from the beginning of its founding, the Lighthouse is a must see sight while in town, it celebrates decades of life, sailing advetures and has "seen" the German colonization and the subsequent independence, it's a trace of the past the carries on shining its light over the sea directing sailors to their destinations...

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