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Being a scenic island town, water sports is a popular attraction among tourists looking to relax on a water-oriented holiday. Fishing, cruising, diving and parasailing are the order of the day here.

Popular tourist attractions include the striking Pico Sao Tome peak (the island’s highest point at 2,000 m) and an enchanting waterfall called Cascades De Sao Nicolau. Trinidade offers easy access to the capital of the country, São Tomé city, which has museums, forts, and a sixteenth-century cathedral. Regular tourist buses ply on the 10 km ride between both cities.

Fish is a staple food of Trinidade and is usually accompanied by cooked bananas, coconuts and breadfruit. Tropical fruits are in abundance on the island and form a part of most meals. Don’t be surprised to see locals eat snails. Beer and palm wine is readily available across the town and the island.

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Trinidade is the second largest city in the small island nation of São Tomé and Principe. It is the capital city of São...
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