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Seychelles Food and Drink

Useful information about food and drink in Seychelles

Food and Drink

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The local cuisine reflects Indian, Chinese, French and African influences. The typical preparation involves seafood, lots of spices, rice and coconut. Popular delicacies include Daube (a sweet stew), Rougaille (a tomato based sauce), Carii Coco (a coconut milk curry generally served with fish) and gilled fresh fish stuffed with chillies.

Meals are washed down with Seybrew, a local lager. One can also opt for a cup or two of the freshly brewed tea.

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arth diaz Today at 13:50
Victoria 7
i love Seychelles because the place are very clean...

Caliope 5/31/2014 At 14:37
Mahe 8
Now with self catering options Seychelles is...

Khalid Yousif 2/8/2013 At 08:29
Mahe 9
Awesome. Nice & clear water. Beautiful people. Best...