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Robben Island Travel Guide

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Reviews Robben Island

Level 1
Overall rating: 7
Overall Guide: is the prison that nelson mandela was the for 27 year for people right black people her was the first black presedent of south afrika the man who love his country says all people must be equal now we have free democracy because of neklson mandela we all equal people
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Level 9
He/She travels:
Overall rating: 5
Overall Guide:  Robben Island is the great place to be but I visited ther on the 04/10/13 it was not the 1st time I realised that the tour guide by the name of Zozo that took us though the cell was not good the language is not good he hardly could undrestand him. The bus tour guide we had was not as good as the one we had in 2004 when we visited the Island the tour guide was a lady the driver's name was Koos she (tour guide)was so hursh,not friendly at all not looking to the audience,rushing telling the bus driver that she is tired & generally she was not even interested in waht she was doing. If ... More you can change the tour guides the Island would such a great destiny top want to go to & those years in 2004 when we 1st visited it was mostly the foreingners that was more but now mostly is South Africans visiting & it is not enjoyable at all.
Not to be missed:
The Quarry
The other prisoner's beds
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Level 11
Overall rating: 6
Overall Guide: Robben Island is very educational. When I was there I learned a lot about the things that happened in the prison.I would recommend that we as South Africans should visit the place more often also to educate our kids about the things that happened in the past so that they fully understand
Not to be missed:
The graveyard
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Level 1
Overall rating: 5
Overall Guide: I think at the musuem, they really did a good job on telling the WHOLE time-line about then Nelson Mandela in the excact cell! They tell the most good and worring bits on Nelson and has feelings.
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Level 1
Mark Bruce
Overall rating: 6
Overall Guide: Too political. For people on holiday they want to enjoy themselves and learn and appreciate the history as well. Also to be able to understand what Mandela went through. But the guides are all too politically oriented.
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Level 100
Overall rating: 6
Overall Guide:  Located at a distance of 12 km from the coast of Cape Town, Africa, Robben Island lies in the Table Bay. The island is flat due to an ancient erosion event, as a result of which the island is only a few metres above sea level.
Robben Island has a low-lying terrain, where Minto’s Hill, at an elevation of 234 metres above sea level, is the highest point on the island.
The island experiences Mediterranean climate, like that in Cape Town, although Robben Island is exposed to stronger winds and colder winters. Summers have an average temperature of 25°C. Winters, ... More on the other hand, have an average temperature of 15°C.
The island was basically used as a prison. It was used as the leper colony for almost a century. Having very few inhabitants on the island, the population of the nearest town, Cape Town is 2.95 million approximately.
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The graveyard
The other prisoner's beds
The Quarry


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