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Sousse: Attractions and Things to do

Things to Do and Places to visit in Sousse. Useful information and best attractions

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1 Zaouia Zakkak
Overall rating:
Rank: 2 About 12

The Zaouia Zakkak lies next to the famous street shopping streets in medina and offers some of the finest illustrations of Ottoman architectures in Sousse. The minaret is octagonal in shape and the tile works and...

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Address: Sousse, Tunisia
Type: Landmarks and Historic sites

2 Hergla
Overall rating:
Rank: 3 About 12

Hergla town is 35 kilometers to the north of Sousse on a rocky stretch of coast which are interrupted by sandy coves. This town has a population of 6,000 and is relatively unspoiled by tourism. It occupies the site of ancient...

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Address: Hergla, Sousse, Tunisia
Type: Surroundings

3 House of the Tragic Poet
Overall rating:
Rank: 4 About 12

The House of the Tragic Poet is 700 miles and 770 yards to the south of the Kasbah in Sousse. These are the foundations of the house of the tragic poet and are named after the mosaic which is, at present a museum. This historic...

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Address: Sousse, Tunisia
Type: Landmarks and Historic sites

4 Souk Quarter
Overall rating:
Rank: 5 About 12

Souk Quarter is a market and a shopping area in Sousse, with many shoppers and local people. Towards the south of the Ribat there is the picturesque of Rue el Alghalba, which runs past the Great Mosque to the west side...

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Address: Sousse, Tunisia
Type: Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

5 Enfida
Overall rating:
Rank: 6 About 12

Enfida is also called as Enfidaville and is 43 kilometers to the north of Sousse city. The population of Enfida is 5,000, making it the market center of a large agricultural area. Prior to the French occupation, the Beys...

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Address: Enfida, Sousse, Tunisia
Type: Surroundings

Attractions close to Sousse

Red iguana - 5.8 mi
Overall rating:

The atmosphere at the Red Iguana is great and one can have a brilliant night out at this night club. Any person can have total fun at this club.

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: 4089 Port El Kantaoui
Distance: 9.4
City: Port El Kantaoui

Type: Nightlife + Share

Beach of Boujaffar - 5.8 mi
Overall rating:

The Boujaffar Beach is a long white sandy beach which stretches from the Sousse center to Port El-Kantaoui, approximately six miles away. A few stretches of beach are private to some of the resort hotels and most of the beach...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia, Africa
Distance: 9.4
City: Port El Kantaoui

Type: Beaches + Share

Ribat - 9.9 mi
Overall rating:

A Ribat literally means a ‘Hostel’ in traditional Arabic. The name was given because this town served as a refuge and hiding center for the military volunteers who chose to fight against Islam. Nowadays this town...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Monastir, 5065, Tunisia‎ - 73 521 300‎
Distance: 15.9
City: Monastir

Type: Landmarks and Historic sites + Share

Public Transportation - 10.8 mi
Overall rating:

Monastir can be considered as a good place to rely on the public transport. This place is well connected by trains and highways. Buses ply throughout the day. Some personal cars and trucks also add to the modes of...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: Monastir, Tunisia, Africa
Distance: 17.4
City: Monastir

Type: Getting around + Share

Neighbouring places: Sousse

Hammam-Sousse - 3.5 mi

Hammamet is a town in Tunisia. Located in the south east of the northern peninsula of Cap Bon, it is home to approximately 70,000 people. Hammamet enjoys a Mediterranean...

Distance: 5.7
City: Hammam-Sousse

Port El Kantaoui - 5.5 mi

Port El Kantaoui is a purpose built holiday resort in central Tunisia. Developed in 1979, the resort is popular with European tourists. Port El Kantaoui has a Mediterranean climate. It...

Distance: 8.9
City: Port El Kantaoui

Monastir - 10.6 mi

Monastir is a city in central Tunisia. Situated in the Sahel area, Monastir is home to an estimated 41,400 inhabitants. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate with the...

Distance: 17.1
City: Monastir

Kairouan - 32.7 mi

Kairouan is a city in north-central Tunisia. It is home to approximately 160,000 inhabitants. The city experiences a semi arid climate with high intensity of...

Distance: 52.6
City: Kairouan

What to visit

Zaouia Zakkak
 Landmarks and Historic sites
House of the Tragic Poet
 Landmarks and Historic sites
Souk Quarter
 Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods
The hotels
The sahara desert
The services
Troglodyk caves

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