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Beijing Landmarks and Historic sites

Beijing attractions: monuments and popular sights

Landmarks and Historic sites

1 Great Wall
Overall rating:
Rank: 1 About 81

There is a saying in China " He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man". Never a truer word has been spoken! The Great Wall, symbolizing China's ancient civilization, is one of the eight wonders of the world. It...

Reviewed by: Ivan
Address: Cina

2 The Forbidden City
Overall rating:
Rank: 2 About 81

The Forbidden City, the imperial palace located in the center of Beijing andwas built around 600 years ago. It was the Imperial home of the Emperor and his household for almost five...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: 4 Jing Shan Qian Jie, Dongcheng, Beijing

3 The Summer Palace
Overall rating:
Rank: 4 About 81

The Summer Palace located within the Haidian District is reputed to be the most well-preserved imperial garden in the world. The Palace is the largest of its kind that is still in existence...

Reviewed by: Mark
Address: Cina, Beijing, Haidian

4 Temple of Heaven (Tiantan)
Overall rating:
Rank: 9 About 81

Address: Tiantan

5 White Cloud Temple
Overall rating:
Rank: 10 About 81

Address: 9 Baiyunguan St, Xicheng, Beijing

Temple of Heaven
Overall rating:
Rank: 20 About 81

The Temple of Heaven is considered to be one of the most holy temples in Bejing. The temple was built during the Ming Dynasty in 1420 A.D. The temple is enclosed by a wall; with the northern part, a...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

6 Lama Temple
Overall rating:
Rank: 21 About 81

The Lama Temple is considered as one of the famous Tibetan Buddhist temples. Also known by the names “Yonghe Temple”, the “Palace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple” and the...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: 12 Yonghegong St, Dongcheng, Beijing

7 Best places
Overall rating:
Rank: 24 About 81

From the Forbidden City up to the Great Wall of China, chaotic Beijing offers to its visitors a unique sight to China's  ancient history. Be enchanted by one of the greatest cities ever built by man has ever built or...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff

8 temple of Sun
Overall rating:
Rank: 25 About 81

  The Temple of Sun is situated in Chaoyang District of Beijing, China. It is located within the Ritan Park in the Jianguomen area. The temple is an important site of the city. The altar of the...

Reviewed by: Ekaja
Address: No. 6 Ritan North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

9 Gong Wang Fu
Overall rating:
Rank: 33 About 81

The Prince Gong's Mansion,  also known as Gong Wang Fu Museum is a popular tourist attraction in Beijing. This museum comprises of large mansions designed in a tradional Siheyuan...

Reviewed by: Ekaja
Address: No. 17 Qianhai West Street, Xicheng, Beijing, China

10 Imperial Palace
Overall rating:
Rank: 34 About 81

The Imperial Palace or the Forbidden City is a must for any tourist when in...

Reviewed by: Angha

11 Temple of Earth
Overall rating:
Rank: 35 About 81

  The famed Temple of Earth is located in Beijing. It is also known as Ditan Park. The temple was constructed in 1530 and originally used as a place of worship where the emperors would...

Reviewed by: Nadish

12 Tian Tan
Overall rating:
Rank: 39 About 81

The colorful and magnificent temple of Tian Tan or also known as the temple of Heaven was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties offered...

Reviewed by: Angha
Address: Tiantan Road, Chongwen District, Beijing 100050, China

13 Temple of Moon
Overall rating:
Rank: 50 About 81

  The Temple of Moon is an altar situated in Fuchengmen, Xicheng District precisely in western Beijing. Built in 1530 during the Ming Dynasty purposely for ritual sacrifice to...

Reviewed by: Nadish


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