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Ibrahim Lodi’s Tomb

In the first battle of Panipat, Babur was victorious against Ibrahim Lodi who lies buried in a tomb at Panipat. This tomb is very simple and is simply a rectangular block on a high platform that has some steps constructed from lakhori bricks. In 1866, the British renovated this tomb and added an inscription that mentioned Ibrahim Lodi’s defeat by Babur.

Kabuli Shah Mosque

After Babur was victorious against Ibrahim Lodi, he constructed a mosque approximately 2 kilometers from Panipat and named it after his wife Kabuli Begum. After six years, Humayun was victorious against Salim Shah close to Panipat after which he constructed a platform surrounding the mosque and named it as ‘Chabutara Fateh Mubarak.’ As he was the ruler nobody objected to the name and the name continues even today. This mosque currently has chambers on either side and along the parapet there is an inscription in Persian.

Shrine of Abu Ali Kalandar

There is a shrine of Abu Ali Kalandar who it is claimed rid the town of flies. However, as the residents of Panipat complained, he returned the flies multiplied by a thousand to the place. Hence, it is regarded that Panipat is the most fly-infested places in India.

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Overall rating: 10
Nice place a small city but good city ther are less malls only one or two even one is there but not open so the others malls is to expensive. Safe from...
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devendra sharma
Overall rating: 10
I came in panipat in 2013. I like this place. i do not miss any time in panipat. this is so beautiful city i like so. because in this city all the...
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CA Chiranjiv Sodhi
Overall rating: 5
Not clean at all. You can see garbage everywhere. Not having any greenery. Traffic sense is very poor.
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