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Pushkar Lake

One of the highlights of Pushkar is the Pushkar Lake. As per a legend, this lake was dedicated to Lord Brahma and hence this lake is of tremendous importance to the followers of Hinduism. The devotees are supposed to take a dip in this lake to purify them from worldly sins.

Brahma Temple

The Brahma Temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma, the Hindu God of creation. His idol is four headed and faces all four directions and the purport is that the Lord’s presence is everywhere. This temple has floors and stairs made of marble and devotees put coins in this temple to mark the birth and death of their loved ones.

Savitri Temple

The Savitri Temple is dedicated to ‘Mata Savitri’ and is located on a hill behind the Brahma temple.  There are a long series of steps that have to be climbed to reach this temple after which one can have an attractive view of the surrounding sand dune villages and of Lake Pushkar.

Varah Temple

The Varah Temple was constructed in the 12th century but was destroyed later by Emperor Aurangzeb. Further in 1727, Raja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur rebuilt this temple and currently one can view attractive sculptures and carvings as well as the richly ornamented image house.

Man Mahal

The Man Mahal is a palace that has been constructed by Raja Man Singh of Ajmer. This is the biggest royal house in Pushkar and was used by Raja Man Singh during his visits to Pushkar.

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Pushkar is located on the shore of the Pushkar Lake and is about 14 kilometers towards the North-West of Ajmer. It is a sister city of...
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