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Level 1
Overall rating: 6
Sport, adventure and wellness: Kanchipuram is a very traditional city of you guys ever seen. Very important place to see are the follwings: 1. kailasanathar temple(very old temple)2. Eakambaranathar temple(biggest temple compare to others)3. Kailasanather temple( Asia's first black stone temple build by rajaraja solan)4. kamachi amman temple5. kumara kottam for lord of murugan.6. varatharaja perumal temple.7. ulagalather perumal temple. Here, a traditional work is silk sarys. For your information case buy a sary through only a co-operative societys, because some duplicate and private bussiness also there. be safe and enjoy rhe trip of kanchipuram.
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Level 9
General opinion: It is holy place. City & Village atmosphere. Kanchipuram is Famous for Silk Sarees. Kanchi Pattu is World Famous. Our Ex.Chief Minister Shri.C.N.Annadurais residence in Kanchipuram. The famous Historic Temples Kanchi Varadharajar and Sivan temples are there. The Famous Kanchi Mutt and the Kamatchi temple is in Kanchipuram. About 8 temples of 108 Div ya Desam temples are there. Before Chennai Patinam Kanchi has called as "Kanchi Nagaram". Vigetables and milk Supplied by the peoples of Kanchi to the Chennai People.
Not to be missed:
Silk Sarees
Kanchi Mutt
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Level 1
Overall rating: 10
Not to miss: Kanchipuram very beautyful and traditional town where there is lot of temples here. Particularly Eakambaranathar temple, Kamatchi Amman temple, Vardharaja Perumal temple, Kailasanathar temple. Kanchipuram silk very famous.
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Level 1
Overall rating: 10
General opinion: Kanchipuram ia a very beautiful city. It is famous in saree and temple. The famous temple is kailasanatherkovil, ekambranatharkovil, kamatchiammankovil, pandavaperumalkovil, in ext..., kanchipuram in old name is kanchivaram. The city is full of handloomwear. The biggest temple is ekambranatharkovil. And very happy in place.
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Level 100
Overall rating: 6
General opinion:  Kanchipuram is located on the north east coast of Tamil Nadu. It is 70 kms from Chennai. The closest airport is the Chennai International Airport which is a 2 hrs drive. As per the census held in 2001, this city has a population of 152,984.

During summer, the temperature ranges from 21.1 degrees Celsius to 36.6 degrees Celsius. In the winter season, the temperature varies from 19.8 degrees Celsius to 28.7 degrees Celsius. The ideal time to visit this place is from September to May. This city was also called as Kachiampathi and Kachi in the past. The city ... More is situated on the banks of the river, Palar.

It is reputed for the silk sarees and temples. The sarees are hand made from pure mulberry silk and decorated with a fine gold thread and borders. Every woman in South India seeks to own a Kanjivaram saree and add appraise their wardrobe by having atleast one such saree in their collection.

These sarees are also regarded highly in North India.
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Level 14
Overall rating: 6
General opinion: Its a nice city having more memorable places, tourist places and yet i find some more places..
Not to be missed:
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Level 1
User 29059
Overall rating: 7
General opinion: Not useful for students... bcz schools & colleges are very strict & bore... no places for roaming all side full of temples then how we like kanchipuram
Not to be missed:
kamacthi amman temple
perumal temple
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Level 1
User 26828
Overall rating: 6
General opinion: For old peoples, this is very much useful and interesting place.. but for youngsters it's a boring place.. silk likers visit this place.. it is famous for silk..
Not to be missed:
kailasanathar temple
babu theater
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