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14 days holiday was rather short but long enough to find out that India is an incredible country and a place to revisit!
Duration: 2 weeks Rating
Reviewed by: Pedro Leiria + Share

Majestic Shillong

It was regular vacation trip to the ' Queen of the hills' Shillong, situated in northeast of India. The picturesque view captivates every traveller as we enter Shillong. It is a 3 hour drive from Guwahati. I still remember the refreshing feel of the cool breeze embracing me as welcome to this wonderful place. The cheerful faces of the locals add to the charm. Becaiuse of its natural resemblance, Shillong is also known as the ' Scotland of the East'. The natural beauty, the fun culture and comfort makes Shillong the dream destination for every traveller.
Duration: 10 days Rating
Reviewed by: Sabari Paul + Share

new delhi

a travel a very good ac-3 bogi seat aivable and brother and sister miss. all faimly gone new delhi nagpur to
Duration: 10 day Rating
Reviewed by: hemshankar jethmal sahu + Share

The Kiss of Kerala

  For most of us one of the many joys of getting married, is the thought of a post-wedding romantic getaway.
Duration: week Rating
Reviewed by: surajkulkarnih Kulkarni + Share

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