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Jawab in Agra

Agra Monuments and Historic Buildings: Jawab

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Category: Monument and Historic Building
Address: Taj Mahal Agra

On both the sides of the Taj Mahal there are buildings of red sandstone. The building towards the west is a mosque and as this faces in the direction of Mecca it is utilized for prayer. The building towards the east is called as the ‘Jawab’ and as it faces away from the Mecca it is never used for prayer so the intention of creating such a structure is a puzzle. Some say that it is a meeting hall before gathering for prayer, while others say it was a caravanserai for pilgrims. However, it seems that the more correct reasoning is that this construction was done with pure architectural aim of counterbalancing the mosque and maintaining the symmetry of the total design on the platform. The Jawab is identical to the mosque, but rather than having Koranic inscriptions it has beautiful flower designs and some other decorations that have been efficiently done in white marble on the background of red sandstone.

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