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Haifa Travel Guide

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Reviews Haifa

Level 1
mirjam Bruck Cohen
Overall rating: 8
Best Period to Go: Summer time is great but also in winter we are a happy city. You can take walks in the woods around us, There is a 70 km Haifa path which goes through the various parts of the city look for the site. We have laods of Bouhouse buildings and various museums.
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Level 1
Overall rating: 10
Best Period to Go: The best time to go is from April to June, not too hot and cold. I recommend that you go during this period. In winter it is very cold and windy dry, and dusty and summer very moist and very hot. I recommen that you go at the period above that's my experience too. Have a nice time.
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Level 1
Overall rating: 10
Not to miss: Great city. Lots of parks. Small, but good museums. Nice people. Wide array of informal restaurants, with fresh salads, good falafel.
Not to be missed:
Naval Museum
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Level 100
Overall rating: 6
Not to miss:  Set amidst lush manicured gardens is the holy site Bahai World Centre which comprises of the shrine of the Bab and several administrative buildings. The Hecht Museum is an exhibition centre of archaeology and art work. Paintings and sculptures by renowned artists like Van Gogh and Picasso are featured here.
Another interesting place for a day trip is the Haifa Zoo and Botanical Garden where visitors can enjoy the scenic surroundings comprising of blooming flowers and exotic plant species. Also housed here are some native animal species.
The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, found ... More by a known collector of Japanese art, Felix Tikotin, is a storehouse displaying ancient as well as contemporary Japanese art.
The largest park in Israel, the Carmel Park, features evergreen Mediterranean plants like the pine, oak and cypress. It receives the most rainfall in Haifa. The park is a famous camping destination and is ideal for leisurely strolls.
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Level 100
Overall rating: 6
General opinion:  Haifa, a coastal city, is the third largest city in Israel. Lying on the Mediterranean coast, it is regarded as the most important city in northern Israel. The city is home to a populace of about 300,000 inhabitants and is a major industrial and research centre.
Characterised by a Mediterranean climate, Haifa’s seasons are overall mild in nature. Summers are hot and dry while winters are cool and receive light precipitation. Monsoons arrive in October and stay till April. Snow is a rare occurrence.
Haifa was known as Sycaminum and was a major industrial port in ancient ... More times. Today, it houses two major oil refineries of the country. The petrochemical industry is the main industry of the city.
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Level 9
Overall rating: 8
General opinion: Very beautiful and excellent city. We spent about 5 hours in the city and saw beauty everywhere. Good. I want my son to go and study there. If he gets admission, he will be the most lucky one.
Not to be missed:
The Garden
beautiful lanes
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