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Best time to visit Israel

Israel: The best time about when to go to Israel

When to Visit

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Israel can be visited throughout the year. The most ideal time is in spring (March–May) and autumn (September–November). The climate is cooler and temperatures are mild in these months; making it a perfect time to explore the country.

Events and Entertainment

Most festivals in Israel have a religious theme, mostly Jewish. The brightest festival is Hanukah, the festival of lights. The Jewish New Year is also celebrated with much festivity and fanfare. Other important religious festivals include Purim, Pesach, marking the Jewish exodus from Egypt, led by Moses. This is a week-long festival celebrated with traditional Jewish food. The celebrations come to an end with a big... Read more

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T.vijay Joel 2/14/2014 At 16:03
Jerusalem 7
I went as a religious tourist to Israel in a group...

Elisabetta 2/12/2014 At 20:14
Jerusalem 8
It's a unique and mystical city, a wonderful coming...

Paolo 1/29/2014 At 16:02
Jerusalem 8
The one with the best temperature, as summer is too...