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Japan Events and Entertainment

Guide to the best events to attend and the festivals to enjoy in Japan

Events and Entertainment

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The most spectacular festivities are seen during the New Year or Shogatsu celebrations. With spring comes cherry blossoms and Hanami, or flower viewing. Considered as a time for great revelry, this is an important holiday season in Japan.

The Golden Week is another popular holiday period celebrated from 27 April to 6 May. In July, Japan celebrates Gion Matsuri, one of Japan’s largest festivals with a parade of huge, colourful floats. The country also honours the ancestors in the Obon festival. On 28 July, Tokyo hosts a stunning fireworks display over the River Sumida.

Nebuta Matsuri is held in the first week of August. This pre-harvest carnival sees the streets filled with colourful and spectacular floats. September is racing season in Japan and November sees the greatest Japanese sporting festival, the November Basho.

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