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Kyoto: Attractions and Things to do

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Kiyomizu Temple
Overall rating:
Rank: 1 About 9

The clear water temple, commonly known as Kiyomizudera, is the main temple of the Hosso sect of Buddhism. The temple was destroyed and rebuilt several times in the last twelve centuries. History tells us that the temple was originally...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Type: Landmarks and Historic sites

1 Kyoto Sanga F.C
Overall rating:
Rank: 2 About 9

Kyoto Sanga F.C is a Japanese professional football club based in Kyoto. The word Sanga is a Sanskrit meaning for group and used to denote Buddhist congregations. This also reflects the rich tradition of Buddhist temples in...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Type: Nature and sport

2 The Golden Pavilion
Overall rating:
Rank: 3 About 9

Kinkaku-ji also known as the Golden Pavilion was constructed in 1397 as a cottage for Shogun Yoshimitsu Ashikaga, which was to be used after his retirement.The complex is picturesquely situated in the garden and has Shinden...

Reviewed by: Editorial Staff
Address: 1 Kinkaku-ji-cho Kita-ku
Type: Landmarks and Historic sites

3 Sakura Picnic
Overall rating:
Rank: 4 About 9

One can immerse himself/herself in Japan’s atmosphere by having viewed cherry blossoms; along with paying a visit to Kyoto townhouse located in the vicinity. ‘Tondaya’ is the other name for Kyoto townhouse. It’s the place...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Type: Tours

4 Shirakawa Dori Street
Overall rating:
Rank: 5 About 9

The Shirakawa Dori Street is known as the most beautiful streets in Kyoto. This street is situated in Gion and is also one of the licensed geisha areas in Kyoto. This street is quite graceful and Ancient Street...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Type: Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods

5 Katsura Imperial Villa
Overall rating:
Rank: 6 About 9

The Katsura Imperial Villa or the Katsura Detached Palace is a beautiful villa comprising of vast gardens and outbuildings.  Situated to the west suburb of Kyoto in Japan,...

Reviewed by: Fahim
Address: 3 Imperial Household Agency, Kyoto office district, Kyoto Kamigyou, Japan
Type: Parks and gardens

6 The Raku Museum
Overall rating:
Rank: 8 About 9

The Raku Museum is the unique specialistic museum of Raku having a collection of Raku pieces which were handed down by the Raku family. It is a ceramic dynasty of 450 years of history and the museum presents some...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Type: Museums

7 City discovery tour of Kyoto
Overall rating:
Rank: 9 About 9

Through the city discovery tours, one can get to so more sightseeing, and see some of the best attractive places in Kyoto. There are some historic structures to see in Kyoto where one can visit the Nijo castle, Kyoto Imperial...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Type: Tours

Neighbouring places: Kyoto

Nara - 21.9 mi

Nara is a landlocked prefecture situated in the midst of Kii peninsula on the western half of Honshu, Japan. It is a part of Kinki or Kansai region of the ...

Distance: 35.3
City: Nara

Osaka - 28.4 mi

2.5 million people live in Osaka, Japan's third largest and second most important city. It was previously known as Naniwa, once Japan's capital city. In the 16th century, it could become Japan's capital, but later government was ...

Distance: 45.7
City: Osaka

Kobe - 39.7 mi

Kobe, located in the Kansai region, is the capital city of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. This important port city houses around 1.5 million...

Distance: 63.9
City: Kobe

What to visit

Kiyomizu Temple
 Landmarks and Historic sites
Kyoto Sanga F.C
 Nature and sport
The Golden Pavilion
 Landmarks and Historic sites
Sakura Picnic
Shirakawa Dori Street
 Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods
Katsura Imperial Villa
 Parks and gardens
Flea Market
 Flea and street markets
The Raku Museum

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