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Porta de Santiago in Melaka

Melaka Monuments and Historic Buildings: Porta de Santiago

Info about Porta de Santiago

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Category: Monument and Historic Building
Address: St. Paul's Hill

Porta de Santiago was once the entrance of the heavy fortress of A' Famosa. The gateway is now left is ruins, just like the fortress. The fortress was located on the St. Paul's Hill in Melaka town. This fortress was built by the Portuguese rulers when they took control over this town. For the construction of A' Famosa fortress, Portuguese dismantled enormous number of Malay buildings including mosques and graves and used this material. Visitors can imagine the heavy built of the fortress by viewing the Porta de Santiago. The local residents keenly tell the story of this fortress and its entrance. This massive fortress was destroyed by the British rulers when they conquered the Dutch rulers. However, a young British, who was a civil servant successfully, stopped them from complete destruction of the fortress. However, by the time he succeeded in his motive, only the entrance of the fortress was left. This was named as Porta de Santiago.

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