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Town Square in Melaka

Melaka Streets and Neighbourhoods: information about Town Square

Info about Town Square

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Category: Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods
Address: Melaka Town Square

Melaka Town Square served as the town centre in the Dutch colonial era. Hence, one can see the buildings possessing the typical colonial architectural style.This was the area where the British and Dutch people set their colonies. This is also known as the Red Square of Malaysia. The area received this name due to the red painted buildings, which were built in the Dutch era. The Town Square possesses a widely spread lush green garden at the centre. It also possesses the beautiful Queen Victoria Fountain, another colonial monument. This fountain was built in red colored English marble in 1901. It was constructed at the time when Queen Victoria completed the Diamond Jubilee. Visitors can view the huge Tan Beng Swee Clock tower, which stands proudly since the year 1886. These monuments and structure exhibit the glorious period of the British and Dutch people who ruled Malaysia. The Town Square is famous as the residential area of the Straits Chinese community.

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