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Myanmar Events and Entertainment

Guide to the best events to attend and the festivals to enjoy in Myanmar

Events and Entertainment

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Like most Asian countries, Myanmar too has a host of religious and cultural festivals. The country celebrates Independence Day on 4 January with a seven-day fair in the capital. Religious festivals are based on the lunar calendar and the dates for the same change from year to year.

The Shin Pyu Ceremony takes place in March. It is one of the most sacred festivals in the country and involves the re-enactment of Prince Siddhartha’s renunciations and his transformation to Buddha.

The New Year is celebrated in mid April; it is preceded by the three-day water festival known as Thingyan. One of the most important spirit festivals takes place in August. The Nat Festival sees the streets full of music, dance and holy processions. In October Myanmar celebrates the festival of lights, celebrating the return of Lord Buddha from heaven.

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