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North Korea Vacations and Tourism Guide

North Korea Tourism and Travel: online guide for vacations to North Korea


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Surface:North Korea has a total area of around 120,500 sq. km.

Population:  North Korea has a population of nearly 23,113,000 people with Buddhists and Confucianists forming a major portion of the population.

System of government: North Korea is a communist state with a highly authoritative regime.

Capital: Pyongyang with a population of approximately 3,000,000 is the capital of North Korea.

Religion: Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity are the most important religions.

Official Language: Korean is the official language of this country.

Government: North Korea is a communist state with a highly authoritative regime.

Climate: North Korea experiences temperate climate.

Units of measure and electricity: North Korea follows the metric system of measurement and the official electrical unit is 220V and 50Hz.

Time Zone: The North Korean standard time is GMT + 9.

Currency: North Korean Won (1$=142.45KPW)

Travel documents required: Visa is a must for all; visitors from South Korea and the US are generally not allowed into the country.

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