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Rawalpindi: Attractions and Things to do

Things to Do and Places to visit in Rawalpindi. Useful information and best attractions

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1 Ayub Park
Overall rating:
Rank: 1 About 45

Ayub National Park is very beautiful. There are hills, a river, and many beautiful birds that sing all day. In Ayub Park in Rawalpindi it is possibile to rent a boat to relax on the lake anche...

Reviewed by: Family
Type: Parks and gardens

2 Sadar Bazar
Overall rating:
Rank: 2 About 45

Sadar Bazar is located in Cantt area, in Rawalpindi, and is one of the best place in the city for shopping loversi. It is next to mareer chowk; in this area you can find great shopping malls and...

Reviewed by: Faisal
Type: Stores and shopping malls

Raja bazar
Overall rating:
Rank: 3 About 45

Rajah bazaar is a very rushy place, located in Rawalpindi. In this place you can really find every item and every thing you are looking for or you want to buy. The only bad thing is that in the morning...

Reviewed by: Waqar Ahmed
Type: Stores and shopping malls

3 Cricket Stadium
Overall rating:
Rank: 4 About 45

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, located in Double Road, is of course an International stadium for cricket. This sport is really important in Pakistan and so also the Stadium is one of places you should not miss while...

Reviewed by: Faisal
Type: Nature and sport

Murree brewery
Overall rating:
Rank: 5 About 45

If you feel hot or thirsty or you want to go out, well go to Murree brewery. It has every kind of drinks in every flavour. Especially during summer, you can visit this brewery to cool down your body with some fuzzy...

Reviewed by: Waqar Ahmed
Type: Nightlife

Rohtas fort
Overall rating:
Rank: 6 About 45

The Rohtas fort is very big in size that you cant walk through it. It has 12 gates; inside there is a mosque and much more things to see. It has also green grass and trees. It surely a must visit place in...

Reviewed by: Waqar Ahmed
Type: Landmarks and Historic sites

Rawal Lake
Overall rating:
Rank: 7 About 45

Rawal Lake is one of the most beautifull sights I have ever seen. Within the lake there is also park & this park has two portion, one for specifically for children & other is for both. It is a place to see...

Reviewed by: Mussarat
Type: Nature and sport

Attractions close to Rawalpindi

Benazir Bhutto International airport - 3.4 mi
Overall rating:

Benazir Bhutto International airport is the third largest airport in Pakistan and is located in Rawalpindi. This airport is actually located outside of Islamabad, and often hosts officials and citizens from other...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Distance: 5.5
City: Islamabad

Type: Getting around + Share

Public Transport - 5.9 mi
Overall rating:

The major airport in Islamabad is the Benazir Bhutto International Airport. All the major parts of the city is accessible through frequent trains and bus services which run mostly from its neighboring city of Rawalpindi which is the...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Distance: 9.5
City: Islamabad

Type: Getting around + Share

Blue Area - 7.7 mi
Overall rating:

Blue area is a sensitive and beautiful area where mostly governments offices are located. It is in the center of Islamabad and is a must visit place. Most embassies are suited in this areas and you can find also...

Reviewed by: Ali Awan Distance: 12.4
City: Islamabad

Type: Streets, Squares and Neighbourhoods + Share

Faisal Mosque - 8.6 mi
Overall rating:

Faisal Mosque is a beautiful mosque located in Islamabad. If you come to Islamabad you must see it. It's a historical mosque, very big and beautiful and with great technology. It is one of the most important...

Reviewed by: Ali Awan Distance: 13.9
City: Islamabad

Type: Landmarks and Historic sites + Share

Neighbouring places: Rawalpindi

Islamabad - 7.8 mi

Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, lies against the backdrop of the Margalla Hills at the northern end of Pothowar Plateau, 9 miles (14 km) northeast of Rawalpindi, the former interim capital. It offers a healthy climate, pollution free...

Distance: 12.6
City: Islamabad

What to visit

Ayub Park
 Parks and gardens
Sadar Bazar
 Stores and shopping malls
Raja bazar
 Stores and shopping malls
Cricket Stadium
 Nature and sport
Murree brewery
Rohtas fort
 Landmarks and Historic sites
Rawal Lake
 Nature and sport
Good shoping places
Savior Foods
Commercial market
Tench bhatta Market
100% educated people
All Season Enjoy
Army areas
Autos market
Bahria town
Bara market
Bus stand
Cultural Centre Islamabad
Daman e koh



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