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Masjid Al Haram in Mecca

Mecca Monuments and Historic Buildings: Masjid Al Haram

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World’s largest mosque, Masjid Al Haram is situated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Masjid Al Haram, meaning The Sacred Mosque is also known as the Haram or Grand Mosque and believed to be the holiest place on Earth by the Muslims. The existing structure spreads in an area of 356,800 m2 that includes praying spaces which are available both indoors and outdoors. During the Haji period, the mosque can accommodate as large as 4 million worshippers. The mosque is built around Kaaba. While offering daily prayers, Muslims turn towards the Kaaba. It is also believed that Al-Baytu l-Mamur – The Worship Place of Angels is located directly above the Kaaba in heaven. Near the eastern corner of the Kaaba is the Black Stone which is believed to have fallen from heaven and due to man’s misdeeds it has tuned black. Kaaba signifies unity among all the Muslims across the globe. The magical oasis ZamZam has never dried up since it was revealed.

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