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Guide to the most important attractions in South Korea


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Besides being the commercial and administrative capital of the country, Seoul is also the most favourite tourist destination in South Korea. This city is houses numerous historical sites that have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Changdokkung Palace, Chongmyo Shrine and the Secret Gardens are some of the well-preserved remnants of the culture and art of the Joseon Dynasty.

Nature lovers will love the untouched beauty of the hills, forests, beaches and other geographical landmarks in South Korea. The Pukansan National Park is a great place where nature lovers as well as those fond of adventure sports can enjoy themselves. The eastern part of the country is blessed with picturesque fishing villages, sandy beaches, lofty mountain peaks and so forth.

Pusan, the largest seaport in the country, has several places of tourist attraction such as Pornosa Temple, Kumjongsansong Fortress, natural hot springs and much more.

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