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Best time to visit Taiwan

Taiwan: The best time about when to go to Taiwan

When to Visit

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The best time to visit Taiwan is from October to January, and it is always wise to avoid visiting the country during major public holidays (Chinese New Year). Summer is not good time to visit Taiwan as the heat and humidity is at its peak.

Events and Entertainment

Due to the diverse culture of Taiwan, there are a number of colourful events and festivities in the country. The Lantern Festival (celebrated generally in February), Dragon Boat Festival (June) and Mid-Autumn Festival (October) are a few of the several festivals celebrated in Taiwan. If one gets a chance, they should be a part of these celebrations to experience the rich cultural heritage of this country. These performances are a very important as well as a very good ... Read more

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Frankie Hsu Yesterday at 07:19
Taipei 9
Taipei is a very confortable and joyful morden...

Jan Ehrismann 7/25/2013 At 16:14
Taipei 8
Taiwan, Taipei super nice, shopping malls,...

Jane 6/15/2013 At 15:41
Tainan 9
I find Tainan a fantastic place to live. It's...