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Dubai Landmarks and Historic sites

Dubai attractions: monuments and popular sights

Landmarks and Historic sites

1 Burj Khalifa
Overall rating:
Rank: 1 About 61

The announcement itself about the construction of Burj Khaleefa, aroused much curiosity worldwide, with everyone eager to just be able to have a glimpse of the mega structure. Awarded with more than 20 awards up...

Reviewed by: Shweta
Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - Emirati Arabi Uniti

2 Jumeirah Mosque
Overall rating:
Rank: 11 About 61

Dubai city has overall five mosques, all of which are fine and beautiful. The largest and the most beautiful mosque is the Jumeirah Mosque which is a spectacular illustration of modern Islamic architecture in Dubai. This mosque...

Reviewed by: Laalamani
Address: Jumeirah Beach Road - Dubai - Emirati Arabi Uniti

3 Emirates Towers
Overall rating:
Rank: 16 About 61

Address: 312th Road - Sheikh Zayed Road

4 Al-Ahmadiya School
Overall rating:
Rank: 18 About 61

Address: Al Ras - Dubai

5 Heritage House
Overall rating:
Rank: 30 About 61

Address: Al Ahmadiya St - Dubai

6 Burj Nahar
Overall rating:
Rank: 41 About 61

Burj Nahar is one of the many watch towers which once guarded the old city. It was built in 1870. There has been restoration done in Burj Nahar in 1992 and its picturesque gardens in Diera are quite popular amongst the...

Reviewed by: Laalamani

7 The Hatta Heritage Village
Overall rating:
Rank: 43 About 61

Nestled among the Hajjar mountains, the Hatta Heritage Village is a 16th century village overlooking a  fertile oasis. This village presents a fine example of traditional style village architecture. It dates back to 400...

Reviewed by: Laalamani


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