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Công viên Hòa Bình in Hanoi

Hanoi Parks and Garden: Information about Công viên Hòa Bình

Rating: 3.6 5
Rank: 24 About 46

Category: Parks and Gardens
Address: Tay Ho district, Hanoi, Vietnam

Reviews Công viên Hòa Bình

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Công viên Hòa Bình

Công viên Hòa Bình is also known as Peace Park in Hanoi, Vietnam. Precisely situated in Tu Liem district, the park was recently renovated and open for public in 2010, to mark the capital city’s millennium. Spread at approximately 20 hectares, the park has a 20 bronze peace statue, plenty of trees, a game house and entertainment facilities. In the panorama of the park, there is a lake having 5.4 hectares of water with functional water regulation and landscape.

The park was officially inaugurated as “Work of 1000 years Thang Long-Hanoi anniversary”. It has been totally man made project constructed for providing as an entertainment place for the locals. This park in particular, has the symbol of peace of the city, a Peace Statue at 7.2 meters of height, placed on the sole of 22.8 meter high. This statue is known as the central point of this park. Moreover, the tourists find this park as one of the tourist attractions too.


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