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Hang Bai in Hanoi

Hanoi Streets and Neighbourhoods: information about Hang Bai

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Reviews Hang Bai

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Hang Bai

Hang Bai is a popular street situated in Hanoi, Vietnam. Stretching from Dinh Tien Hoang and Trang Tien crossroad to Ham Long street, this street was the initial place of Hau Lau, Ham Chau, Vu Thach Ha and Huu Vong hamlets. The name, Hang Bai, was given as its corner is always used to gather a group of houses that make Chinese poker cards like Tam cuc, To tom, etc. Hang Bai Street is presently a blend of cultural, social, political and economic aspects of the city. Whilst here, one can see shopping mall, footwear and clothes shops, newspapers booths, pharmaceutical stores, exhibition galleries, restaurants and even public security office and schools.

The street is worth visiting for it’s a must visit place to see the friendly locals and experience the warm atmosphere. Irrespective of whether a tourist knows the local language or not, the locals can understand through sign language and guide the tourist to his destination.


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