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Guide to the most important attractions in Yemen


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Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, is a 2500-year-old city, and it was declared a World Heritage City in 1984. It is a major tourist destination in the country, famous for its beautiful age old fortifications. Some of the buildings will simply fill the onlooker with awe for its creators. The city is home to beautiful mosques inscribed with quotes from the Holy Quran.

Aden is known for its beautiful natural harbour and picturesque landscape. It is also known for its numerous architectural wonders, lovely beaches, mosques, museums and so forth.

Tourists can visit one of the many islands in the country. These islands include Hanish Islands, Kamaran, Perim and Socotra. Socotra Islands houses some very rare and beautiful animals, birds and trees, and it would be a perfect place for those who are fond of wildlife.

Some local products worth taking home are exquisitely carved daggers, leather and silver pouches being local specialities.

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Momen 6/3/2014 At 11:06
Sanaa 3
Yemen have different kind of Food. Manedy, Modaby,...

mussaed alkhader Mohsen 3/7/2014 At 09:04
Aden 2
its very nice city, but it was more attractive in...

Safa 5/9/2013 At 21:23
Taiz 7
I like Taiz so much and I can't leave out side...