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Level 9
Overall rating: 7
General opinion: I like Taiz so much and I can't leave out side Taiz. It's so beautiful and great city. there are so many historical places in it. One of them Alqahera castel and Saber mountaine.
Not to be missed:
Qairo castel
trip to saber mountains
Aljand mosqe
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Level 100
Overall rating: 6
General opinion:  Taiz, dramatically set in the Yemen Highlands, is the capital of the Taiz Governorate, Yemen. The city, lying close to the Red Sea, is home to around 470,000 permanent residents. Taiz, a culturally and economically developed city, has been popular as one of the most beautiful cities since the ancient times.
The climate of Taiz is moderate in nature. Summers are comfortably warm while winters are cold and dry. The city has one of the most pleasant temperatures in the country. Monsoon rains are short and distributed evenly.
Over the years, Taiz has been ruled by various ... More dynasties and was a walled city until the late forties. The city developed after being made the second capital of Yemen, and today, it is the largest industrial base of the country. The economy of Taiz consists of coffee, cotton, jewellery and cheese.
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Level 1
Overall rating: 10
General opinion: It is the city which i was born in and it is one of the best cities in Yemen. I like it so much.
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Level 15
Overall rating: 7
Not to miss:  Not to miss - The Al-Quahira castle is built on a hill, at almost half the height of Jabal Sabir. It is a historical site with a history full of incidents affirms that it has been a battlefield for the rulers who ruled the city consecutively during the past ages. Al Quahira castle is the large fortification which is currently being renovated using river stones and original building techniques. Most of the renovations are completed. The castle is on the top of the hill; still it has a swimming pool. On the eastern side, there is a pond which is now used as swimming pool. Rain water is conserved ... More in various places, including a big tank mentioned earlier. Road coming down from the castle is also conserving water, which leads to a water flow behind the theatre and then takes a shape of water fall, finally adding water to the swimming pool.
Not to be missed:
Al Quahira Castle
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Level 9
Overall rating: 6
General opinion: Taiz is a very cozy city. People are very simple by heart. But economically it is not growing infact deteriorating. But i love to stay in Taiz. I've very pleasant n golden memories of this city.
Not to be missed:
trip to saber mountains
long drives
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Trip to saber mountains
Abdo janady
Al Quahira Castle
Aljand mosqe
Long drives
Qairo castel
Tawakul karman

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