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The city of Taiz is a beautiful historical attraction with several old, stunning white mosques, quarters and appealing architecture. The palace of Imam Ahmed, now a museum, the Al-Qahira castle, the Ashrafiya mosque and the Mudhaffar mosque are some of the significant and much visited places. The Al-Qahira castle is a major historical landmark. The beautiful castle, built in the fifteenth century, is the perfect example of the ancient architectural wealth.

Positioned amidst some impressive springs and streams are the Saber mountains, which are also the highest mountains in Yemen. The mountains offer a magnificent view of the city including the Al-Thabab valley.

The Youfris is among the most prominent historical complexes in the city with most monuments being more than 500 years old. A number of interesting sites like the tomb of the mystic Sheikh Ahmed Bin Alwan and the Youfris mosque are located here.

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Overall rating: 7
I like Taiz so much and I can't leave out side Taiz. It's so beautiful and great city. there are so many historical places in it. One of them Alqahera...
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Qairo castel
trip to saber mountains
Aljand mosqe
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Overall rating: 6
Taiz, dramatically set in the Yemen Highlands, is the capital of the Taiz Governorate, Yemen. The city, lying close to the Red Sea, is home to...
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Overall rating: 10
It is the city which i was born in and it is one of the best cities in Yemen. I like it so much.
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Trip to saber mountains
Abdo janady
Al Quahira Castle
Aljand mosqe
Long drives
Qairo castel
Tawakul karman



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