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Great Mosque

Located in western lowlands within Yemen’s al-Hudaydah region, Zabid has been one of the centers of ‘Sunni Islamic Teaching’. One should not be surprised to learn that this place is the ‘meeting destination’ of religious and intellectual community of the city. The origin of the Great Mosque can be traced to the 9th century when Ziyadi dynasty (under the leadership of Abbasid) used to govern over Tihama plain. Being octagonal, the minaret of the mosque, apart from the remaining structure, also consists of brick. It was constructed either at the time of Ayyubid or successive Rasulid Rule. This minaret features band consisting of ‘Kufic Inscription’ apart from muqarnas cupola (cone-shaped), which resembles Syrian and Iraqi designs pertaining to that era.

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Zabid can be referred to as a town on ‘western coastal plain’ of Yemen. The name ‘Zabid’ has been derived from ‘Wadi Zabid’. It is the wadi located...
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