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Antigua & Barbuda
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Antigua & Barbuda


Guide to the most important attractions in Antigua & Barbuda


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The beaches of Antigua and Barbuda can be considered to be the biggest attraction in the country. The coral reefs and coasts are simply marvellous providing excellent opportunities for snorkelling and diving.

Saint John’s has a number of attractions to offer to its visitors. Saint John’s Cathedral is not only a sacred place but an architectural gem as well. Museum of Antigua and Barbuda with its interesting collection of rare artefacts and antiquities is a must-visit for those who are fond of increasing their knowledge on the history of the islands. Government House, Fort James and the local markets are also worth visiting while in Antigua.

Codrington is the most important town on the island of Barbuda. This island is popular for the numerous species of rare and colourful birds that stay here. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is the best place bird watching.

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