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Guide to the most important attractions in Barbados


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Owing to its rich culture and scenic beauty, Barbados offers several attractions and activities for its visitors. The West Coast of Barbados offers a wide range of beautiful, private beaches; exotic resorts and luxury dining. The South Coast is most popular for its simple neighbourhood, beaches and its nightlife.

St Lawrence Gap is another destination popular for its air bars, parties and restaurants. Payne’s Bay and Sandy Beach are two other popular tourist destinations for those interested in swimming, skiing, sailing and sunbathing. Ocean Park, with its fascinating exhibit of freshwater and tropical marine life, is yet another tourist attraction.   

Located in the south-west, Bridgetown is one of the most beautiful parts of Barbados. Harrison's Cave with its amazing display of stalactites attracts tourists from all over the globe. Sam Lords Castle, built by a pirate is another must see.

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Tomoy 6/5/2013 At 07:32
St. James 10
St. James is a nice place to be, it have a lot of...

Grenville Norville 5/29/2013 At 14:39
Bridgetown 5
Bridgetown is mainly for people who have (money) to...

Arturo Gallego 2/17/2013 At 13:02
St Peter 9
Nice and Very Comfortable, the area is large well...