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Guide to the most important attractions in Belize


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Belize City is the biggest as well as the most important city in the country. Museum of Belize was initially a prison, but it was eventually converted to a museum. It is the best place to know the Mayan culture as it houses some rare artefacts, pottery and other remains from the Mayan period. The city is also known for its excellent collection of colonial-styled buildings like House of Culture, Baron Bliss Light House Monument and the Supreme Court Building. Marine Parade and Southern Foreshore are ideal places to enjoy a day at the beach. Belize Zoo will be a delight for children.

Other important destinations include Corozal, Orange Walk, Stann Creek, Toledo and Mountain Pine Ridge.

The ‘Blue Hole’ is a must-visit as it is considered to be the best place for diving in the country. There are other places that are excellent for snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, hiking and several other adventure activities.

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San ignacio 9
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jane larence 1/14/2014 At 01:29
Belmopan 7
In disco party and etc. You could go to cockscomb...

Kristy 10/16/2013 At 17:40
Belize city 10
I went cave tubing it was awesome. 37 miles on the...