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Haiti Health and Safety

Haiti: All the information about health, safety, vaccinations and main advices for the trip

Health and Safety

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Haiti is not a very safe destination for tourists as political confrontations are quite a normal phenomenon in the country. Political processions involving violent protests are taken out almost everyday. There are frequent clashes between armed rebels that can prove to be fatal. It is thus advised that a trip to Haiti should be planned under urgent conditions only.

Tap water should be avoided and tourist should consume packaged water as much as possible. Standard healthcare is available only in larger cities and towns, but they also do not have equipments and medicines of a very high quality. Thus, those with any severe medical problem should try not to visit Haiti.

Dehydration and malaria is a major concern in the country and tourists should take all possible measures to protect themselves from the two. One should always carry insect repellent with themselves.

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