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Amsterdam-Amazing look in Film museum

Community - Travelogues

Author: Daniel

Duration: 7 days
Date of departure: 27/7/08
Number of travelers: 1
Name of travelers: daniel george
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Amsterdam is in Netherlands in Europe country. The city is big .This city of good attraction for visitor, and it contains many attractions in it. There are large numbers of population exists yet this city is make his attraction by his places like   adventure architecture, amazing canals and many more. The citizens of that city are friendly.

There are many attractions for every visitor. And visit to that city is big opportunity for me. And I got that chance nine months ago. My elder bother suggest me to visit that location. I search all information and hotels in amsterdam on internet and I book hotel on internet.

And confirm my ticket. After two I was in Amsterdam by plane at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In first day, this is the one of the busiest air port where all the facilities are available at right price. When I was reached there first of all I took breakfast at restaurant near airport, and picked-up my luggage from airport. I hired taxi, in the way there were many wonderful places and historical places, and I was reached to my hotel.

At reception I confirm my room. The hotel architecture was so nice and the inner side interior was so attractive. In room I put my bags, first day I was in hotel due to tiredness I was took some rest, after that went around in the hotel to get the awareness of the hotel like places are famous in the hotel and what services were offer like that . I took the enjoyment night life in hotel.

In second day of my journey I went to cannel for which was addressed by the city, where there were great adventures of the boating I took hire a bike in experience the water biking. After that took lunch in the restaurant, where I took some light foods and continue my trip. Next I got adventure of biking in street. In city there were many lane fir biking and you can get adventure of biking at right price.

In Amsterdam there are many shops that provide you bike on rent. In evening I got back to hotel and took rest. In third day I visited to the Film museum which looks very wonderful and amazing, there were multiple screens and historical film I saw there. After that I visited to parks to took some freshness in park there were many activities were happened there were numbers beautiful flowers many attraction.

In the fourth day I went to the beach in there were great enjoyments of swimming and fishing. There I eat some sea foods like fish. In noon I went to the market for shopping where I purchased some goods, chocolates and clothes.

At evening I visited to the bar and get some enjoyment of the night life. There was great adventure I found there. In next day visited back to my home. I shared my trip experience with my brother. And he decided that in future we will both visit in that city again.           

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