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French Polynesia

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Author: Pedro

Duration: 1 week
Date of departure: November 2004
Number of travelers: 1
Name of travelers: Pedro
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That was in Moorea that I've enjoyed some of my best beach holidays and that was on the first week of November 2004! I wish I could have visited other islands such Bora Bora or Huahine but life there is so expensive that one has to be very careful otherwise he will be quickly ruined. So besides Moorea where I was staying I've only visited Papeete in Tahiti.

I was very lucky to have met a very nice and friendly New Zealand couple with whom I spent most of the time as we visited many places together and also usually have had our breakfasts and dinners together. So, thank you King and Stacey for having been my best traveller companions! Speaking now a little of my experiences there, let me tell you that the Tahitians are very friendly, always smiling and not stressed at all. They just take their time and they're right! Why stress? Among a few local people I met there, the five guys playing beach-volley were very friendly and we could spend a good time talking about each others country.

Teiho, Tamatona, Steeve, Moana and Georges were their names and besides our exchange talks, we've also made a few pictures which are a good souvenir of this encounter. Other nice local people were the hotel employees, Laiana and Timona which made my stay at the hotel a very enjoyable one. It was also very nice to meet some French expatriates there. The girl from the surf shop was very friendly and made me a nice tableau of the life there. The swim suit I bought at her was also a very nice one! So colourful flashing and so surf Polynesian stylish! The guy I met on the boat trip from Moorea to Papeete, Patrick Dancel, a world photographer that moved recently to Moorea with his wife and son was also very interesting. The exciting of meeting and discover new people was not the only interesting experience in Tahiti. The food, although quite expensive, was also very nice.

I will not forget one of their traditional dishes made by raw fish, lemon juice, coconut milk, tomato and cucumber, which was very tasty. And the tropical fruits were so sweet that for the first time in my life I could eat plenty of pineapple and no tongue sores at all. Other exhilarating experiences there were: a meeting on a "motu" (small island) with friendly stingrays that came to the beach seeking for food and sliding just over our feet, another meeting with whales and dolphins right next to our boat, a safari 4WD tour inside the island where we could enjoy the astonish view from the belvedere of Cook's Bay and Opunohu's Bay, many walks and a few bicycle rides mostly in the Cook's Bay area, a typical Tahitian show at the Tiki Village and the visit of the market in Papeete.

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Date: 5/28/2009 3:07:00 PM

hey this is a very interesting article!



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