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Santa Fe

Minnesota travelogues - August 2004

Community - Travelogues

Author: Hanneke

Duration: 8 days
Date of departure: 20 August 2004
Number of travelers: 1
Name of travelers: Hanneke
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I've been to Minnesota in August 2004, on my way back from Alaska to the Netherlands. I stayed for a week, and visited my roommate and her family in Minnetonka (Minneapolis), and we also visited Duluth, on the shore of Lake Superior, where Kim went to university.


20 August 2004

At night, Kim and I went to Minneapolis to take some night photos. There are big lakes in the city, which is really nice!

After that we wanted to drink tea in what we thought would be a quiet tearoom, but it turned out to be really hip, there was even a DJ playing... And the tea was strange, the flavors were unusual (I had kiwi tea..) and they put pearls in it. A sort of jelly pearls, you get an extra big straw for them. It was quite funny!

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