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My phenomenal adventure in Roatan

Community - Travelogues

Author: Brad

Duration: 3 weeks
Date of departure: 06/11/2011
Number of travelers: 1
Name of travelers: Brad Cooper
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I journeyed roughly 3 painful hours by chicken bus starting from El Salvador towards Honduras. The moment I arrived at the border I had to actually go walking around right until I stumbled upon border guard to check my passport and give me a stamp in my passport to enter the country.

Once I was in I boarded the next bus to a town that is known as San Sula. The entire journey was believed to take about three hours and I wanted to get here right before nightfall, then again just like a number of things across Latin America, things tend not to always go as anticipated. This got me to be concerned as I heard information about how terrible the crime rate seemed to be there after dark.

Nevertheless, six hours later, feeling drained and irritated, I had got to the small Honduran town. In an attempt to avoid actually being kidnapped, I got into a taxi cab and made my way to the nearest motel.

The following day I made my way to the Bay islands, which is found off the lovely Eastern shoreline of Honduras. I had enough time to eat at a restaurant before the ferry started boarding. Not a good thing to do, because crew were actually giving away sick bags to tourists as they were boarding, it's sometimes not much of a good sign. Once we slammed into the very first wave. After two or three more waves, significantly less cheering.. Many people used their sick bags. The ferry cruise was entertaining, and we were thrilled to be off the ferry boat 60 minutes later.

The island of Roatan is magnificent. The beach destinations really are wonderful and it truly is peaceful. The section I was vacationing in was predominantly made up of diving merchants and some night clubs, also next to the outstanding west bay, the most memorable part of my visit. There was zero waste, only vivid white sand and quiet Caribbean waters. I also enjoyed the finest cuisine here. More than simply the most exquisite guacamole together with fries, but the most unbelievable quesadillas as well....

I have also carried out my open water diving training courses in Honduras. I arranged to leave shortly after spending twelve days, nonetheless I found myself staying a couple more since I really wanted to finish the diving lessons. Diving around these islands is normally outstanding, seeing that it truly is tricky to locate a destination with fantastic visibility, quiet oceans along with brilliant ocean life. Sad to say, I currently have no more snapshots to show off with, I inserted my digital camera inside of a plastic bag to actually take photographs under the sea and I ended up destroying it.....

However, I really liked my trip in the Bay islands and I love everything about Honduras. I will definately be back in the near future.....



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