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Salt Lake City

Utah Travelogue - August 2003

Community - Travelogues

Author: Hanneke

Duration: 2 days
Date of departure: August 2003
Number of travelers: 1
Name of travelers: Hanneke
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I've been in Utah only for 2 days in August 2003! As soon as we crossed the border, there was a big sign saying: Warning: Dust Storm Area... and indeed, there were many dust devils!

We spent the night camping in Moab, and got up early the next day to visit Arches National Park. For me this was the highlight of our trip, such a fantastic park!! We hiked from the parking place to Double-O-Arch and back, this was around 7 km. On the way you pass the famous Landscape Arch as well. This one is very thin, part of it came down in 1991, and now you are not allowed to come very near. I enjoyed the hike to Double-O-Arch, it involves some climbing and narrow passages. You can also climb through the lowest & smallest hole of Double-O-Arch. Here are some pictures... I have many more but unfortunately I never scanned those, maybe one day...

Walking back was harder since it got really warm and there's not much shade! Therefore we also skipped the long walk to Delicate Arch, and only visited North and South Window because they were close to the parking lot.

We drove back to Colorado the same day. I hope to come back one day and see more of Utah!

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