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"so many things to do on Dili. you can go for shopping, visit the local..." (Overall rating 9)

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Editorial Staff
has reviewed Rathausmarkt (Hamburg)

"The Town Hall Square, as is often the case, is in the center of the......"

has reviewed Harbour (Hamburg)

"The city of Hamburg owes its fame partly to its port system,......"

has reviewed Speicherstadt (Hamburg)

""Speicherstadt" is the name of the hundred-year-old district of......"

has reviewed Jungfernstieg (Hamburg)

"If you are looking for the main shopping street in Hamburg, go down......"

has reviewed Christmas markets (Hamburg)

"Hamburg, like many other cities in Germany, is famous for its......"

has reviewed Schanzenviertel (Hamburg)

"The Schanzenviertel district is one of the centers of......"

has reviewed Submarine Museum (Hamburg)

"Nothing is more exciting than a visit to the Baakenhafen area in the......"

has reviewed Blankenese (Hamburg)

"Blankenese a part of Hamburg’s history. In this area......"

has reviewed Stadtpark (Hamburg)

"In good weather the fields of the city park, Stadtpark, become......"

has reviewed Cruise on the Two Artificial Lakes (Hamburg)

"The two artificial lakes of the city are of great interest. They......"

has reviewed International Maritime Museum (Hamburg)

"Peter Tamm’s great passion for model ship building began in......"

has reviewed Docks (Hamburg)

"A traditional gathering point for music lovers, Docks is one of the......"

has reviewed Hamburger Dungeon (Hamburg)

"Hamburger Dungeon is an attraction deep in the ancient, dark......"

has reviewed Panoptikum - Waxworks Museum (Hamburg)

"Over 100 personalities from history, culture, showbiz and sport are......"

has reviewed Deutsches Schauspielhaus (Hamburg)

"Among the many theaters of Hamburg, the Deutsches Schauspielhaus......"

has reviewed Altes Land, The Old Land (Hamburg)

"With a catamaran you can sail from the port of Hamburg to reach......"

has reviewed Oldest Theater (Hamburg)

"The oldest theater in Hamburg is right in the center, at 67......"

has reviewed Deichstrasse (Hamburg)

"Deichstrasse is not far from the heart of the historical center of......"

has reviewed A Walk around Lünenburg (Hamburg)

"In the area between Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen there are many......"

has reviewed Speicherstadt Museum (Hamburg)

"Besides being a huge complex of warehouses for storage of goods that......"

has reviewed Cap San Diego Merchant Museum (Hamburg)

"The Cap San Diego is the largest museum-ship (Museumsschiff Cap San......"

has reviewed Reeperbahn (Hamburg)

"Reeperbahn is located west of the city, it’s a continuation of......"

has reviewed Museum of Ethnology (Hamburg)

"The Museum of Ethnology (Museum für Völkerkunde) was......"

12 hours and 37 minutes ago

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