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Limassol Travel Guide  

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Info about Limassol


Limassol, in Cyprus, is a coastal city on the Greek-controlled southern half of the island. Its population is around 161,000, making it the second largest city in the country.
Climate in Limassol is very Mediterranean. Summers are hot and dry and the winters are warm and wet. Tourists have found that the best time to visit the city is spring, with temperatures around 24°C and not during the hot and humid summer.
The city saw a lot of displacement after the Turkish Invasion, with a large number of Turkish Cypriots moving north. Greek Cypriots from the northern half moved to Limassol during this time. It is an important port on the Mediterranean trade route, one of Cyprus’s largest industrial centres and the base for the country’s wine manufacturing industry.

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Reviews Limassol

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Overall rating 4
Overall Guide : Was probably a wonderful peaceful place to be at one time and it cannot be faulted for attempts to modernise. The artwork and sculptures on the seafront make for a pleasant environment. The pedestrianised promenade is to be commended but... more it is all let down badly by inconsiderate and dangerous drivers. Noisy motorbikes and cars racing along the coast road at night and drivers not stopping at red lights. Using a mobile phone to speak or text whilst driving appears to be obligatory. The villages outside Limassol are pleasant but not immune from desperately bad drivers. By and large however a pleasant place to be if you can find traditional Cypriot areas or places to eat. A traditional Cypriot eatery is becoming a rareity, more is the pity as a consequence the place is losing it's appeal.
Not to be missed Archaeological sites , The old port area for traditional cyprus
Level 8     1 Trophy   
Overall rating 4
Overall Guide : Beware if you are in Cyprus and need medical treatment. The hospitals are archaic and unless you have the correct papers you will only recieve emergency treatment no matter whether you are EU or not. Cyprus doctors are generally excellent... more but if you are unfortunate enough to be admitted to a hospital, the nursing staff do not feed, or assist to dress etc. In some cases you are asked to provide the basics like bandages which you need to purchase from an outside pharmacy.Unless you have someone staying at the hospital with you, expect little or no bedside manners and communication will be minimal unless you have a grasp of the language.
Chris Rathle
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Limassol is very enjoyable, especially the touristic area: the Potamos Yermasoyas. Busses are available every 20 minutes and cost per person only 1.5 euro. Also we found we could take a shuttle to other cities in Cyprus for only 12... more euros per person.
Odysseas Angelides
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Limassol is a very interesting city which grows continuously. It is a resort with the see and its horbour and hills in the northern part of it. The mountain resort of Troodos are only 30 km away.
Not to be missed Museums , The old city and castle , The old port area for traditional cyprus
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : not only are they the most unwelcoming people but they do not know how to make a tourist feel welcome at all and i'm not talking about limassol only i'm talking about hole cyprus it's self
Not to be missed morning swimming , refreshments all day , very late night walks
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Great quickly growing vibrant city with many places to visit suited for pretty muh anyone. No matter what your tastes are - there will be a place for you!
Not to be missed Troodos Mountains , Agia Napa Beaches , Limassol Night Life
Overall rating 8
Overall Guide : Limassol is the most convenient city in Cyprus from the excursions point of view. Beautiful seafront.
Overall rating 1
Overall Guide : Too expensive with cypriots hiking prices to try and pay bills the bank cant pay
Overall rating 7
Overall Guide : Lovely weather, lovely people. Lack of amenities, everything too costly
Not to be missed mountain tracking , beach walking
Overall rating 10
Overall Guide : Stop messing with road works wine festival in sept
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The best attractions and things to do in Limassol

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