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Gorochovaya 64 - Appartement 2 pièces in St Petersburg 

Gorochovaya 64 - Appartement 2 pièces in St Petersburg: information about Gorochovaya 64 - Appartement 2 pièces

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Overview Gorochovaya 64 - Appartement 2 pièces 

Property name: Gorochovaya 64 - Appartement 2 pièces

Type: Apartment

Description Gorochovaya 64 - Appartement 2 pièces

The house, in which the apartment is situated, was built in 1903 and is an example of typical landlord house of Saint-Petersburg for granting flats on lease. One of the leaseholders here was also Grigory Rasputin, a person, closely connected with the family of Nicholas II and healing the sick czarevitch. The choice of Rasputin was not occasional. Gorokhovaya Street is a right way to the Palace of the Czar. To boot, the house is but a step to the Vitebsk railway station.Gorokhovaya Street is reckoned among the most ancient streets of our city. The apartment have a full range of modern conveniences. It is situated on the fourth floor, the windows look out on a quiet courtyard. The apartment is very comfy.The nearest metro station (Pushkinskaya) is in 3 minutes of walking.Nevsky Prospect is in 15 minutes.Fontanka River - 2 minutesThe Admiralty and the Hermitage - 20 minutes